Aviation Services Since 1934

McKinley Air

Aviation Services Since 1934


FBO Services


Concierge services

Quick turn capable

24/7 fueling services

Airline quality fuel (ATA-103)

NATA Safety First trained line service

Airline qualified Type I and Type IV deicing

Lavatory services

Ground power units – both AC and DC

Air start equipment

Potable water

Customs within 200 ft. of ramp

Ramp side vehicle access

Eight heated hangars

Private ramp space

Flight planning and weather room

High speed internet Wi-Fi and wired

Crew car and courtesy van

Executive Conference Room

Designated quiet room with recliners

Pilot workrooms with internet access

Baggage carts and air stairs

WSI weather access

Phillips 66 Jet-A and 100LL

Epic Jet-A and 100LL

Executive catering

Pilot Lounge–HDTV/Satellite